Hi, I'm Matt. I hope we all can come back to our normal life soon. I'm a developer and startup entrepreneur in the Blockchain DeFi space. Currently focused on making blockswap.network, a small pizza team with big ambitions about realizing financial inclusion for all through blockchain inclusive promise. πŸ™Œ do checkout: **(Open Saver).**

<aside> πŸ‘‹ I hang out mostly on Twitter, tweet me or slide into my DM (always open) for a faster response

🦜Twitter πŸ“§Β **Email πŸ“** SF πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ & LON πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§


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About Me

My scribbles

I like scribbling things I am working on, though I rarely publish them. A few pieces made their way out recently on Proof of Stake Blockchains and their role in DeFi πŸ‘‡

Being Matt

<aside> πŸ™‚ I consider myself a lucky person and a firm believer that all humans are fundamentally good souls and can be kinder/humane/helpful to each other. I spent my life on 4 continents and traveled to 100+ countries, engaged with thousands of people from all facets of life; I have to say, it cemented my general belief of being human is the most awesome thing in this world.

I am a software developer, economist by training, and 3X startup founder by choice. In my work life, I wore several hats generally not a software dev or econ will have; a key reason for this is my behavioral traits and personal choice of learning things in production.

You may think of me as a super active and extrovert guy πŸ˜‰ quite the opposite is reality. I am a reserved, kind of lazy, and extremely curious person, this is a perfect ingredient that makes your life stagnant, but that's my armor for achieving anything in this world ... still interested in reading? more to come here


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